About Us

Are you planning a move soon? If so, it is very important that you hire the right moving company to meet your needs. Fortunately, SCC is the right company in a variety of ways.

A Thorough Estimate

One of the scariest things about hiring a moving company is the difference between the estimate and the actual final price. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that will throw out a small estimate – only to leave you shocked and horrified when it comes time to pay the final bill.

SCC is not like that. They offer the most accurate estimates possible. Our moving company achieves this by taking a close, careful look at your home and all of your belongings, including the stuff stashed away in shelves and cupboards and the heaviest items you own.

Because SCC is so thorough, our¬†estimates are highly accurate, which means there’s a lot less room for ugly surprises when it comes time to pay the final bill. Whether you choose SCC or not, choose a company that is very careful and exact when handing out estimates.

Solid Recommendations

Good word of mouth is one of the strongest assets that any moving company can have. Thus, when you’re planning a move, go ahead and ask trusted friends and/or colleagues for their own recommendations.

There’s a good chance that you’ll get fair, honest, and unbiased recommendations if you simply ask those you trust for them. While you should, of course, still do your own research into any moving company, recommendations from those you trust can really help to seal the deal on making a wise decision.

Go for Licensed and Insured

One final and all-important tip for choosing the right movers is to always go with a moving company that is licensed and insured. This will protect you, your belongings, and even the movers themselves thanks to the liability coverage.

If you have the choice between movers you’ve found online or even movers who just work “on the side,” remember that it’s always better and safer to go with qualified, protected, and professional movers. If you can follow these tips and be careful in your selection of movers, there’s no reason you can’t ultimately hire the most perfect professionals for the job. Call SCC Las Vegas Movers to get started with your move today!