Movers Give Six Ways to Streamline a Move From Maryland to Nevada

Whether your cross-country trip is an adventure or a nightmare will depend on having the right strategy. You can mitigate some of those potential pitfalls with proper planning. Keep these six factors in mind for a smoother trip.

1. Change of Address

While it is easy to lose track of things during the hustle a move, don’t let this be one of them. You can do this online or at your local post office. Make sure you inform your bank and other accounts and services of your new address. If you are not moving straight into your new house, look into securing a PO box or personal mailbox.

2. Identification

New Nevada residents have 30 days to obtain new licenses and to register any vehicles or be subject to a fine. Nevada complies with the federal Real ID Act of 2005. You’ll need this form of ID to gain access to flights and government facilities. Besides having all the proper documents, you must surrender your old state identification. Nevada will issue IDs for children as young as ten years old, so prepare documents for every member of the family who needs an ID.

Secure new licenses before moving to Nevada.

3. Organization

You’ll want to make sure you label your belongings. Try using a color-coding system for different areas of the home and various family members. It need not be elaborate – a simple colored sticker will suffice. Use your smartphone to record what items went into which box and what condition essential things were in at the time of placement. It will save you a big headache should things break while working with movers.

4. Movers

If you are using a Maryland moving company, verify that they hold the proper credentials. You can check online through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Get their US DOT number. It is also a good idea to get several quotes from reputable carriers you’ve researched. You can also rent containers that you can pack at your old home and have delivered to your new address. Confirm with your current insurance provider if they cover your belongings during your move and what your options are if they don’t.

Discuss with your movers about the coverage of your insurance.

5. Allergies

In Nevada, allergens will be present in the air through November. Sagebrush causes reactions in Northern Nevada. In Southern Nevada, mulberry is the culprit. Plan to see a doctor about local allergens soon after you arrive. Some new residents with no previous allergies develop them. If you are an allergy sufferer, continue to take your medications. 

6. Arrival

If you are driving, try to time your move very early in the morning. You can cut frustration by avoiding the traffic associated with workers traveling to and from their jobs. Have a good breakfast before you start the task of unpacking into your new place. Starting early in the day will help set your internal clock to local time. Your neighbors will appreciate you not working late into the middle of the night.

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