How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Packing For Your Move

Your home is your castle. And when you are planning to move, everything seems to be stuck in Medieval stone for some reason. The truth is that it can be hard to motivate yourself to start cleaning up, organizing, and packing for the move. You can’t just throw everything in one big box and cross your fingers. Packing for a move is a process that must be carried out in stages. To solve this procrastination problem, we have put together a helpful guide with the assistance of cheap movers in Las Vegas NV to make packing for a move fun.

Phase 1 – Remove the Clutter

In the first phase of your move, you are going to have to remove the clutter. If your home or apartment is in disarray, you will find it impossible to get motivated. Clutter creates a lot of loose and open ends that leave you wondering where you should begin. Once you have cleaned up all the junk and sorted it into plastic bins, dressers, and closets, it will be a whole lot easier to come up with a methodical gameplan.

Phase 2 – Make a Plan

Consider what you need to survive in the time before your move. What major necessities can be kept out of packing until the last minute? Surely you aren’t using that bread machine, salad shooter, or even your winter clothes now that it is summer. Create a hit list of items that you can do without until your move date. You can brainstorm the items that you use every day and start to create tier levels for items that you use less frequently but may need. For some people, this is easier than for others.

Phase 3 – Purchase Packing Supplies

Be sure to stock up on packing tape, packing insulation, and a variety of boxes. As a general rule, you will want to pack your light items in large boxes. Things like bed sheets, comforters, and pillows take up a lot of space but are pretty evenly distributed when you toss them in a large box.

Things that are heavy such as nick-nacks, silverware, China, and even shoes should be packed in smaller boxes that are just large enough to fit a set of items. You can also use an easy labeling system that is based on numbers with detailed descriptions written out on a paper pad or stored in your SmartPhone.

For example, you can label a box #1, and then write “bathroom cleaning products for under sink” in your application or notepad. This simple step can save you from major headaches when you want to streamline your unpacking.

Phase 4 – Get Packing

If you have to play your favorite music and take a dose of Vitamin B-12 or a cup of coffee to start moving, do it. But don’t stop. It is easy to find distractions that make you want to put the packing off for another day. If you procrastinate too much, you will just be stressed out and crunched in the days before the move.

This can spell disaster when you carelessly toss objects into any box and lose any sense of order to make time. Worse, you may just run out of packing materials and find yourself wasting hours in traffic just to refill, backing you up against the wall even further.

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